Capitalism is the Enemy of Mankind!

In capitalism, the aim of the production is to create the highest profit for the capitalists. Therefore, capitalism is not to increase the quality of life, or to satisfy the needs of human beings but to increase the amount of capital and to maximize profit. The profit, which is created by the exploitation of workers, (the proletariat) is taken over by capitalists. Under capitalism, existence is based on money. A lot of people sacrifice their whole lives to meaningless work to keep body and soul together, and to be able to bring up their children. Most of the people are extremely dissatisfied with the status quo, social conflicts become more serious, and these threaten with the disintegration of the society. We can hear (if it is not withheld) about strikes, demonstrations and riots every day. At the present level of technological development, everybody could live a happy way of life in abundance, and instead of it, the world is full of exhausted people who feel stress and anxiety, and have precarious existence in the society. In contrast to it, there are a few billionaires, who can afford to waste recourses and other things, which are produced for them. Instead of cooperation and solidarity, there are competition and rivalry in this society. Chasing profits leads to environmental pollution and to global climate change, which already threaten the existence of humanity. It is pointless to speak about environmental protection because the capitalist growth and accumulation overwhelm that. Currently, no matter how serious a problem is, it will not be solved if the solution significantly decreased the profits.

These problems mentioned above are not because of the abnormal and false operation of the capitalist system, which can be solved by changing the government or by new laws. These phenomena are just "natural", i.e. inevitable results of capitalism. The whole society must be changed not by reforms but revolution. Capitalism cannot be overthrown by voting, since voting is a pure substitute activity, it only diverts the attention from the main problems. Engaging in political activities inside this "democratic" system makes us believe that we are really doing something to improve our society fundamentally. Only the working class as a whole is able to transform our society, if they rebel against the system, attack it all over the world, and destroy the bureaucratic apparatus of the states. As long as we are willing to be exploited, significant improvements are not expected. We have to organize ourselves, we have to take under control the production, and generally our own living condition. We have to eliminate the capitalist property relations. The interests and the needs of mankind must dominate and not the dictatorship of profit must be smashed. Capitalism must be abolished without any compromises, and it can be achieved only by a revolution on a global scale.

We Need an Anarchist Revolution!

The word "anarchy" means that no one rules over the others, opposed to its popularized meaning, "turmoil" and "chaos". The essence of anarchism is not the rejection of the persons in power but the power itself as a relation between people, i.e. the rejection of hierarchy. We, anarchists, do not want an unorganized but a well-organized society being completely different and much better than it is today. We do not demand equal incomes but the abolition of money and exchange value in general, and thus the elimination of the attendant phenomena of capitalism (the economic crises, unemployment etc.). The struggle for this new society is manifested in the historical movement of the exploited mass and the rejection of the current and previous society systems. Currently, our task is to help the working class to be able to understand this, and organize ourselves, for the purpose of overthrowing capitalism. If we do not do it, capitalism will destroy the ecological base of our existence which will lead to new and even more devastating wars and inhumanity.

Anarchists fight against the destruction of the environment, against racism, sexism and religious discrimination. Free society does not exist unless racism and the oppression of women are eliminated. We cannot speak about sustainability or secure standard of living if people do not stop the exploitation of the environment. However, our program is not to cease the oppression and discrimination in this actual, inevitably oppressive society, but create a new one, where oppression will not exist, and we will live with nature in harmony.

We do not seek any partial solutions or symptomatic treatment. The days of the current society are counted. Ultimately, mankind has two choices: radical anarchist-communist revolution or capitalist inhumanity and barbarism.

Do not deal with party politics! Do not bury your head in the sand! In some countries, greater amount of masses realized the necessity of revolution, and started to organize themselves. We can organize ourselves right now as well, since we have a chance only in this way. Stand up and fight!

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